UNICA, true savings starts here.

Unica SpA was founded in 2014 by the merger of companies already operating in energy and telecommunication sectors.

In it, common experiences carry out, as:
– the purchase and management of electricity and natural gas;
– technology management of internet band and fixed telephony;
– customer management through a proven experience in customer care service.

Unica SpA counts on the benefits of enthusiasm for new initiatives and on the experience of a long entrepreneurial activity.

The link between passion and experience led to the birth of a highly variegated and qualitative offer of products and services.

The liberalization of the energy markets, initiated with the Bersani decree in application of the EC Directive 96/9, allowed the entry of new competitors and the birth of new operators in the sector. Unica SpA has progressively acquired, during the last three years, a strong stability in the liberalized market through innovative offers aimed at creating a synergy between the proposals for electricity, natural gas and telecommunication with a major emphasis on the quality of the service offered.

Thanks to a direct contact with customers, Business and Consumer, and to the development of customized solutions created for every need, we realized dynamics able to embrace customers, by protecting them from the typical difficulties of these markets.

Our vision

Aggregation, trust, respect.

These are the guidelines used to build a company tailored to our customers.

Transparency, simplicity, savings.. These are the values we use in the direct construction of relationships, in the offer of products and services, in the assistance for the resolution of the problems.

Protection, rationalization, protection of the environment. The Protection Club of Unica SpA, is a solid path of protection and rationalization of consumption, aimed at reducing costs.

Our mission

Our primary goal is customer satisfaction and the development of efficient services.

To strengthen daily this particular relationship of trust is the heart of a large project aimed at combining  domestic and commercial utilities in a single company and to become a unique and professional reference point in the billing of the various utilities.

Thanks to a consolidated organizational model, which combines efficiency and staff preparation, we give/offer customers high value.

Clear solutions for a simple management of utilities.

– Electricity and natural gas

Reserch of the best rates on the market. Targeted solutions for every single need.

– Energy efficiency

Analysis and installation of all high energy saving components.

– Phone calls, adsl and fiber

We express the need to communicate in a fast, safe and performing way.
Phone calls to landlines and mobile in peace and maximum stability and speed of connection of adsl and fiber.

– Assistance

Dedicated Number, without waiting and automatic responders.

– Protection and savings club

Personal advice, energy check up, practices to improve efficiency.
A service designed to take a long-term path and a mutual trust with customers, in order to indentify and to implement all practices which produce a real reduction of costs and habits unchanged.